Does Plan B Always Work?

Most women who take the morning after pill usually ask does Plan B always work? You can take it every time you forget to use contraceptives or your birth control method has failed and you do not want to get pregnant. Whether your condom broke or you forgot to take your pills, you can always count on Plan B. You can take it seventy-two hours after unprotected sex but you can also take it sooner to ensure its efficacy. As the first clinically approved emergency contraceptive, it serves as a glint of hope to those who do not want to get pregnant after unprotected sex.

Does Plan B Always Work – What is Plan B?

Plan B does not act as an abortion pill. It will not work if you think your pregnancy has already been confirmed. It does not protect you from AIDS, HIV, or any other sexually transmitted disease either. You cannot use it as a regular contraceptive so you may have to learn more about more options for contraception if you are sexually active. Before assessing the effectiveness of Plan B, you have to be familiar with how it works. Here is a brief discussion of how Plan B works to reduce your chances of getting pregnant.

Plan B contains levonorgestrel, a substance that is also found in many birth control pills. Plan B is unique in the sense that you have to take two pills twelve hours apart in order to reduce your chances of becoming pregnant. Unlike abortion pills, it prevents pregnancies from occurring rather than terminating them. Progestin-based contraceptives like Plan B work by disrupting the hormonal cycle of women. When they are taken prior to ovulation, they can prevent the ovary from releasing a fertile egg.

Plan B also prevents sperms from fertilizing the egg in order to decrease your chances of conceiving a baby. It also prevents fertilized eggs from attaching themselves to the wall of the uterus. Unlike abortion pills, Plan B will not harm the fertilized egg if it is already attached to the uterine wall. Although it is not meant for regular use, it can still give women a viable option during times of unprotected sex. However, it is also important to remember that this pill can prevent unwanted pregnancy but it cannot protect women from STDs.

Does plan B always work – How long does it take?

Plan B will usually work if it is taken within 72 hours after unprotected intercourse. Women can also boost its efficacy by taking another pill twelve hours later the first dose Does Plan B always workthey took. However, the effect of Plan B will greatly depend on how early you took the first dose. Early administration after unprotected sex can provide maximum protection from unwanted pregnancy. The effects of Plan B also depends on the day of your cycle, it can still inhibit ovulation and decrease sperm motility. The morning after pill will not work if the fertilized egg has already been implanted on the wall of the uterus.

According to scientific studies, the morning after pill is effective in reducing one-time pregnancy rates by up to 75% among average users. The timely administration of dosages has substantially improved this rate too. The potential pregnancy rate is also less than 5% when there is a delay between taking the first and second dose. However, taking another dose of Plan B two days after unprotected sex carries 4 times this failure rate. Finally, taking it three days after intercourse may lead to 4% risk of getting pregnant.

These figures suggest that the cumulative efficacy of the morning after pill can be as high as 89% if it is taken as directed. Since this pill seems to be highly effective, health providers have encouraged women to obtain advanced supplies of Plan B. It is also very unlikely for women to experience severe reaction to this pill. However, they may experience temporary plan B side effects such as nausea and vomiting within twenty-four hours of taking it. The next time you ask the question Does Plan B always work, always remember these facts and figures before making an assumption.

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